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This channel is about parenting fussy babies, children, teenagers and young people who are experiencing sensory sensitivities with food, clothing, movement, touch and socialising, often referred to as Sensory Integration. Often parents are at a loss to know what to do as their child can continuously cry, have temper tantrums / meltdowns for no known reason, be oppositional, defiant, have frequent refusals, shutdowns, behaviour problems or even say they want to die. Parents question if their child need counselling, do they have autism, ADHD or Pathological Avoidance? Some people have experienced developmental trauma and as a result cannot settle, regulate, sleep or manage their over-activity or addiction. 

As a parent who has either adopted, is fostering, or has birth children the challenge to manage these behaviours can be overwhelming. This YouTube channel will aim to address these issues in 5 minute Sensory Burst videos / blogs.

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